We are now accepting sponsorship requests from any social media platform, such as Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter bloggers! 




      - Must have at least 500 followers (please provide screenshot).
      - Active audience + engagement with your followers.
      - Account must be public.




      All requests must be sent to [email protected] with "Sponsorship Request: (your username)" as the subject. In the email, please include all the following information in bullet points.

  • 1. Name/age/country of residence (does not matter, but just would like to know you better!)
    2. What social media platform will you promote us on?
    3. Followers count (screenshot would be ideal)
    4. Link(s) or Usernames to your Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you plan to promote us!
    5. The name of the discount code you would like to promote with!




    We provide you a discount code (10% discount) to promote our shop as a sponsor! For EVERY 5 sales associated with your code (used during payment checkout on our site when purchasing), you are able to choose ANY item from our shop to REVIEW and KEEP! You can go about promoting in many ways such as referring your code to friends and family or using photos of our items to promote, etc. We may also give you a good discount rate on any of our products. Just ask us for the promoter price of any Item and we will hit you up with a price. (you will need to have a certain social media reach to be eligible for our promoter prices)